Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Disaster Volunteers?

For a while now I have had a couple of holes in what I do and how I feel about my work. This blog is a chance for me to fill one of those holes.  I read other blogs on volunteers in museums, hospital, etc.  What I don't see is anyone talking about disaster volunteers, who I think have as many differences as similarities with all other volunteer groups.
For the last six years I have been a volunteer with the Red Cross (and still am), been a volunteer program manager with the Red Cross and now manage the volunteer program for a local government.
Two caveats:
  1. I don't have all the answers, so feel free to jump in and join the conversation
  2. While much of what I have learned about volunteer program management these are my own thoughts and opinions, not my past or present employers.
This blog will cover four areas (to begin with):
  1. Part one: Why volunteers volunteer
  2. Part two: Volunteer program management
  3. Part three: How to make a volunteer program self-sustaining with minimal support
  4. Part four: Issues & Challenges and how to fix them

I hope that I am informative and interesting enough to hold your attention.
Disaster Dave

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