Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mental Health benefits of volunteering

I saw the linked article this week and thought lets look into this a little more volunteering-benefits-emotional-health!
I have always felt I had much to be thankful for and that I should be giving back, its just part of me.  But it turns out its good for me too.  I have always felt a calming and good feeling after leaving a disaster operation and knowing I helped, but it looks like there is scientific evidence that its helping keep me healthy too.
 The reasons are many, the immediate effect of helping, bringing control to chaos (mine), giving back.  There has been much written and I think we will see more as disasters (more research opportunities) increase.

Below are the links to some articles and studies you can read and quote in your recruiting effort.  It never hurts to tell our volunteers of the benefits to them, especially if its something they may not see immediately.
Benefits of
Benefits of volunteerism: How everybody gains

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