Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mentorship = program survivability

(Note to my boss when you read this- no I am not interviewing :) ) 

As your program grows you have the responsibility to make sure it survives & thrives.  If you don't the program will probably fail since you are the only one to know how to run it.
So two things you should be doing:
  1. Internal mentor- You should have someone internal to your organization (Boss, employee, ??) you can train on the processes that make your program run effectively.  And of course you have an internal document written that lists and explains all of the processes (with passwords & ID) that make your program run.
  2. Internal Volunteer Leadership- You should also be developing a few volunteers from your program who can help keep things running effectively should you move on to another job.  Maybe they understand how you run events, training & recruiting (all external facing) and can help the person in #1 above keep the program moving forward.
If you have not done either of these things you are short changing your volunteers who are depending on the you & the program.  And if you are in the disaster space, that means you are letting down the community you support. Take these steps today to make sure your program survives & thrives:
  • Map out your processes- list steps & who the connection is at that step
  • List all website links utilized with sign in information
  • Take these two documents to you boss and talk about succession planning (he/she will thank you)
  • Look at volunteers in your organization wanting to help - plan how to utilize them more fully
These steps will make you and your boss sleep better


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