Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Volunteer Fire Fighters Pay to Volunteer?

Just saw a tweet from the Spokane Fire Department and thought, Those folks in Olympia couldn't be that dumb!  But they are.  Yes the state of Washington is in a pickle of not having enough revenue to cover the services to run the state. How we got there is another story and not one I care to jump into.
But it seems that Olympia has decided to charge volunteer firefighters and paramedics for their licensing so they can volunteer their time to help their community. Don't believe it, me either but House Bill 2141 See Line 22 on page 3 tells the tale.
According to a King Five Article from February,  3/4 of the states firefighters are volunteers! Imagine what it would cost to staff all those positions with paid positions. Remember these are folks who take time from their paid jobs to help protect their communities, and now  Olympia wants them to pay for that honor?
Is this really anyway to encourage volunteerism? I think not, you might want it drop your representative a note while they are on Holiday Break!

Disaster Dave

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lifealert said...

This is just gorgeous. All these wonderful people willing to help others ... Just heart warming ! Thanks to all of you !