Friday, December 9, 2011

Where to find Volunteers 2?

A few resources for finding volunteers:
  • Volunteer Match - a great place to advertise, be specific but don't use a traditional job description
  • Trade Websites
  • Colleges & Universities- in my current program, we walk the campus and hang up take ones in the appropriate places (with the permission of the school)
  • Giveaways for your volunteers with your organization printed on them
  •  Newsletter - emailed to the volunteer pool, makes it easy to forward
  • Face Book page - yes not everyone is comfortable on FB, but many are
  • A web page (make sure it has search terms in the header and in the copy)
  • Events- get your volunteers involved in events that match their mission - walking advertisement
There are more ideas out there, please feel free to add your ideas

disaster dave

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