Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where to find volunteers?

I think as volunteer managers we sit and wait for the volunteers to find us, if you are stocked with all the volunteers you can utilize (more on that later) fine. If not go out and find them; look where your market is.
I believe one of our best recruiting tools is unused or not used effectively.  I run a volunteer corps that I have increased from just above 150 to over 400 in about a year with zero advertising budget or media attention. I didn't do it, my volunteers did that!  At the end of every presentation beginning with their orientation, I tell them if they enjoy what they are doing with us to tell five people. 
Now this part is important, I don't tell them to get 5 people or bring me 5 people, just simply tell 5 people.
Selling and asking for a commitment is stressful and many people won’t want to do that. But telling someone about what they did last weekend or the great exercise they went to, over dinner or at church or during the game that’s easy. And then make sure it’s easy to find you.
Some specifics:
If you are looking for:
Sand baggers for flood season, try to high school football coach (for his team, what a great workout)!
People to run shelters look at church congregations or large businesses
Feed people, look at the local technical college; they probably have culinary school
Medical volunteers look at your local college that has medical training!
And of course in your volunteer base (ask them)

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